"…Bernard van der Haegen has been living and working in Mongolia since 1996, first as volunteer, later as full time employee"

Ukhaalag Setgelgee Co., Ltd.

  • Ukhaalag Setgelgee provides a wide range of market entry, company formation and outsourcing services to organizations currently operating or looking to operate in Mongolia.
  • Ukhaalag Setgelgee is managed by an national/international and experienced team of certified public accountants, professional consultants and engineers who work in our offices in Ulaanbaatar.

Our team

  • The members of our team are multilingual and combine many years of expertise in accounting, tax, manufacturing, international trade, consulting, recruitment, etc.
  • Our cultural and professional diversity gives us the flexibility and knowledge required to understand our clients' needs and offer integrated service packages.
  • Sharing our understanding and knowledge of both the West and Mongolia is one of our major principles for success.
  • Mr. Bernard van der Haegen has been coming and going between Belgium and Mongolia since 1996.
  • Graduated as Engineer from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), Mr. Bernard van der Haegen was first send to Mongolia in 1996 as Project Leader for a Belgian NGO.
  • Since 1999 Mr. Bernard van der Haegen has been working for private ventures, starting up and managing several projects.
  • Today Mr. Bernard van der Haegen is a key figure in Unkhaalag Setgelgee. Among others, he built up an experienced national team of accountants and professional consultants.

D. Sukhee

  • President
  • Mobile: +976 99110957 (Mn)

Bernard van der Haegen

  • Market Development Director
  • Mobile: +976 99118295 (EN)
Bernard van der Haegen


  • Lawyer
  • +976 99112075 (En, Mn)

B. Terbish

  • Certified Professional Internal Auditor
  • Mobile: +976 99198825 (Mn)

M. Enkhjargal

  • Certified Professional Internal Auditor
  • Mobile: +976 99168961 (Mn)


  • Mobile: +976 99260725(Mn)

T. Otgon

  • Office Manager
  • Mobile: +976 95058174 (En, Mn)

Our Partners

  • We welcome a partnership between your organization and us.
  • Please feel free to send us a mail for further information regarding our company. We come to your offices or visit us.

Our Address

Offices Address:
Building 7, Door 1
Khoroolol 2, khoroo 4, Bayangol
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13
Ulaanbaatar 46, Mongolia

Location map

Ukhaalag Setgelgee office map

"Meet us at Ukhaalag Setgelgee "

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