"…ever thought of living in a yurt?"

Why Buy a Yurt?

  • A yurt is an original way to guests your friends. Build a yurt in your garden and let people who come over for a night sleep in this very original room
  • A mini yurt is an great little home to let your children play in. Here they'll have the freedom to play shop owner or hotel manager with their friends
  • You want a cheap home, you don't want to rent a house, you don't have the money to buy a house, buy a yurt and make it your home. You'll have a great time in this cheap accommodation


  • If you organize outdoor activities such has horse riding tours, climbing trips or any other sportive event, let your clients overnight in yurts
  • Organizing a party or any other event. A large yurt is the perfect place to gather people. yurts are easy to build and to disassemble. Rent it out to people who need it for a special occasion


  • A yurt transforms a tent into a home. It gives a feeling of strength, warmth and security. Once a person has used a felted yurt they will never want to go back to a thin canvas wall. In central Asia where canvas is readily available ALL yurts used as homes are felted. These people really understand the yurt and would think a yurt without felt is not a home
  • Have an original room for your guests
  • Perfect playing ground for your children (mini yurt)


  • A cheap, ecological and original way of living
  • Build exotic tourist resort
  • Reception hall for parties (big yurts)

The parts of the yurt

  • We offer a wide range of yurts, all produced in Mongolia and exported to any part of the world. All our yurts are of high quality, specially produced to meet foreign quality demand
  • The types of yurts we sell differentiate by their size, their decoration colors and the quality of the felt
  • The wall of the yurts is the skeleton that carries the whole structure of the yurts. Depending of its size, a yurt has 3 to 8 walls. The more walls a yurt is made of, the larger the outline of the yurt


  • The felt of the yurt is put on the outside side of the walls. It isolates the yurt and has no smell. You can choose between Mongolian felt and Chinese felt
  • The rain cover protects the yurt against the rain. The rain cover is put directly over the felt. It is a one piece cover made of material used by the Russian army. It is adapted to the rain habits of North Europe. We are proud of the quality of the rain cover we supply
  • The outside of the yurt is covered by a Russian made white cotton. We offer a range of Mongolian traditional patterns decorating this cotton

Mongolian furniture

  • We offer a wide selection of furniture . Whether you buy a yourte with us or not, you are welcome to buy our furniture
  • Our Mongolian style furniture are available in different pattern and colours. Please make your choice and we will produce according to your wishes

Mongolian arches

  • Mongolian bow was the best bow in the world, and probably still is. Even though the modern high-tech compound bows are in some ways more convenient to use and can be made equally powerful, the sheer simplicity of the Mongol composite bow with its complete independence of foreign equipment makes the Mongol bow on balance a superior solution.
  • The backbone of the bow is a wooden frame, which will typically be birch. From the limbs of the bow, the frame is covered with elongated and flattened pieces of mountain sheep's horn which adds power to the resilient wood in the frame

"For more information about the yurts we sell, please visit www.yurt-ger-yourte.com"

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