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Your needs our problem

  • I’m planning on visiting Mongolia; I’m relocated or I’m working in Mongolia
  • I’m searching for a Mongolian property rental, but I don’t want to live in a generic and expensive serviced apartment or hotel
  • No I’m looking for a top end villa in Ulaanbaatar
  • I’m looking for office space; commercial property; factory or storage space; land; …


  • Or do I just want to be the owner of a property and let professionals manage my property to maximize profits?
  • Do I want to lease my property to others? If so, at how much, if I want to cover debt service and still make a profit?
  • I have property that I would like to sell for the highest valued price
  • Who will be my qualified Legal Counsel for the preparation of suitable contract? What are the hidden fees?

What we offer you

  • We are a real estate agency based in Ulaanbaatar with a heart for helping foreigners on the quest to find property in Mongolia
  • We listen to your requirements (seek relocation, a second home, retirement or investment) and present the best matching quality property within your budget
  • We are specialized in apartment sales; commercial properties sales; factory and storage space sales and land sales


  • Whether you’re looking for property to be used by yourself or your company, or buy property as a long term investment, we will help you to find the best deal in town
  • We believe that we offer the highest quality personalize real estate services in Mongolia
  • Our distinguishing characteristic is that through our mix of partners we have combined Western business ethics and client service, with Mongolian land sourcing expertise and relationships

What we do for you

  • Superior access to properties, many of which are exclusives
  • We offer client focus, work ethic and negotiating skills
  • We work for our clients day and night, 365 days per year
  • Most customers that have looked around Ulaanbaatar and then visit us, are impressed by the variety, quality and low price of our offerings, and by our level of service we offer our clients. Most often, if those customers are buying, they typically purchase from us.


  • To help our buying clients achieve smooth transaction execution, we help ensure that property titles are clear of encumbrances and that we are dealing with the actual owners. At the end of each sale we help change the property registration title to the new owner's name.
  • You can rest assured that Ukhaalag Setgelgee is always on the buyer's side to help you get the best deal and most value for your hard earned money. We walk you through the necessary paperwork as well as legal and practical considerations

The Mongolian Real Estate Market

  • Over the last years there is a growing pressure on the Mongolian real estate demand
  • Through the Mongolian fast growing economy, wealth of Mongolian people increases, placing demand for properties in Mongolia
  • Many young Mongolians working abroad send back money to Mongolia with the idea of buying themselves properties
  • Bank interest rates went significantly down, offering affordable credits to young families interested in buying a home


  • Mongolia is becoming the future source of resources for the growing Chinese economy and an attractive business partner for international mining companies, increasing the demand for office space
  • Mongolia is a lucrative market for Chinese companies selling Chinese products on the Mongolian market, increasing the demand for retail shops
  • The Mongolian market and the favorable investing conditions in Mongolia attracts in increasing number of small foreign investors, all looking to rent or buy property


  • Each year those foreign companies import a growing numbers of expats, all in need of an accommodation
  • The Mongolian real estate industry has a nascent construction industry with insufficient financing and production capacity

Real estate ownership environment for foreigners

  • There are no restrictions places on foreigners owning apartments, building, garages, etc. Equal measures are applied to Mongolian and foreigners
  • There are however restrictions to foreigners regarding the lease and ownership of land. A foreign individual is not allowed to own or lease land in Mongolia. A foreign registered company is allowed to lease land, build on the land and sell the construction build on the land, but is not allowed to buy land


  • When buying a property, landlord obtains an ownership certificate issued by the Mongolian authorities, which can be used as collateral in banks and other financial institution. This certificates is a prove of ownership and is valid in any court of law
  • Neither the Government nor any other legislative body can evict landlords or confiscate property in Mongolia, the freehold properties have similar legal protection as what can be found in Europe or the USA


  • There are no restrictions placed on the flow of foreign investment in or out of the country. A landlord willing to sell his property can repatriate is investment without any restriction or taxes. The currency risk associated with Mongolia is relatively low as all properties are evaluated in USD
  • At the present time, the fiscal environment surrounding the real estate market in Mongolia are very beneficial to investors. In Mongolia there is a 10% VAT tax but it has never been collected on real estate transaction


  • There is however a 2% tax applicable upon the sale and a property. There is no capital gains taxes or any rental income taxes applicable if the property is privately owned. If the property is owned by a company there will be 10% income taxes applicable


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