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Company Formation

  • Foreign Invested Companies (FIC) that registered in Mongolia are governed by the Law on Foreign Invested Companies. According to the law, all FIC that registered in Mongolia shall provide detailed information to the Board of Foreign Investment (FIFTA) for public disclosure.
  • The Memorandum and Article is the most important legal document of a FIC as it defines the rights and responsibilities within the company.


Representative Office Registration

  • An application of establishing the representative office of a foreign legal entity shall be applied to the Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Agency of Mongolia (FIFTA).
  • There is no minimum investment.
  • The Representative Office is not allowed to do any commercial activity in Mongolia and thus cannot earn revenue.


NGO Registration

  • Procedure for registering a Mongolian or Foreign NGO or slightly different. A foreign NGO can also register a representative office in Mongolia.
  • Due to the complication of the registration procedure in Mongolia, it is always a wise choice to appoint the right person to do the job. Boston Star Consulting is an experienced company in NGO registration. We delivers a professional and thorough service in this area.


  • Relevant documents need to be submitted to the Mongolian Immigration Agency. Click here for the list of documents needed.
  • The civil servant in charge of your file will study your documents and check their truthfulness with respective administrations such as the Mongolian State Police Office and Mongolian Intelligence Agency.
  • The whole process will take 45 days.
  • Read more about the setup procedure, documents and laws for registering an NGO.

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